Koh Phra Thong

Get wet in the shallow tropical waters in Phra Thong Bay!

A great place for beginners to practice and available directly from the beach.

Surin Islands

IIt is possible to see 4 species of sea turtle in the Surin Islands.

The national park state - "Mu Ko Surin is the best place in Thailand for anyone who want to swim with sea turtles."

Koh Tachai

The amazing beach is what draws some people to Koh Tachai. What can be better than relaxing on the white powder sand between snorkel sessions?

Snorkeling trips on the Andaman coast of Thailand

Visitors to the region would certainly be missing out if they didn't visit the sensational Surin Islands. With clear warm waters and the broadest range of hard corals in Thailand they are indeed a national treasure. The shallow bays make it a great place for a family snorkeling adventure. Surin Islands day trip snorkeling and Surin Islands 3 day 2 night snorkeling trips should be booked through our Surin Islands website..

Koh Phra Thong has some basic snorkeling around the Koh Pling islands on the west coast. The coral has suffered damage and local fishing boats has depleted stocks. These are situated a couple of hundred meters away from the beach near Moken Eco Resort. Strong swimmers can access them directly from shore, though most prefer to use a kayak to snorkel at this local site. Local snorkeling is best done at high or low tide due to limited visability which ranges between 1m-5m.

Note: We only offer Surin Islands snorkeling - day trip and Surin Islands snorkeling - 3d2n direct from/to Khuraburi. We no longer offer speedboat pick up or drop off on Koh Phra Thong. It is still possible to combine a stay on Koh Phra Thong with Surin Snorkeling via Khuraburi. We recommend booking your snorkel trip before or after your stay on Koh Phra Thong to avoid the time and cost of additional transfers.

clown fish snorkeling

Surin Islands snorkeling day trip & Surin Islands snorkeling 3d2n tours are available every day of the week from/to Khuraburi during high season (from 1st November to 1st May). We use large, safe speedboats with professional english speaking guides.

Keen snorkelers should consider the Surin Islands 3d2n tour which includes additional longtail boat trips on day 2 and 3 to explore less visited sites.

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batfish snorkeling

Almost a thousand different species of fish are reported to live within the Surin archipelago. The more interesting fish found here are cuttlefish, blue spotted stingrays and juvenile black tip reef sharks. Snorkeling at Surin also reveals other favourites - 4 different species of sea turtle - Hawksbill, Green, Olive Ridley and Leatherback.

The migratory whale shark and oceanic manta ray visit Richelieu Rock within Surin National Park. Richelieu Rock is a deep offshore site suitable for certified divers and is not included in our snorkel trips. If you want to dive at Richelieu Rock, see our liveaboard page.

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lady snorkeling

Surin day trips including snorkel guide
Adult: 2,800Bt + 100Bt (Booking Fee) = 2,900Bt - Price includes National Park Fee
Child: 1,800Bt + 100Bt (Booking Fee) = 1,900Bt - Price includes National Park Fee
Infant: 0Bt = 0Bt

National Park fees of 500 Bt per day (adult) and 300 Bt per day (child) are included in quoted prices.

Surin 3d2n Tour including snorkel guide

Adult: 7,100Bt + 200Bt (Booking Fee) = 7,300 Bt - Price includes National Park Fee
Child: 4,500Bt + 200Bt (Booking Fee) = 4,700 Bt - Price includes National Park Fee
Infant: 0Bt = 0Bt

Infant is 0-3yrs old. Child is 4 - 11 yrs old. Adult is 12yrs+ old.

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